RSA SmartTraf is an image processing based sensor that analyzes the traffic situation on highways. It detects traffic situation at its location in real time with 98% success. It reports traffic density, average flow rate of traffic, the number of vehicles passing per unit time and the type of these vehicles (truck, automobile, minibus, etc.) in real time on a road and lane basis. It alerts operator in case of anomaly in traffic.

Reports and alarms are presented to the user through a cloud-based reporting interface. Reporting interfaces are graphical tools, so clear and visual reports are created. Many metrics such as time interval, location, route, lane, vehicle type can be defined for the generated reports. The devices in the field can be grouped according to the route or region boundary, and the data of these groups can be reported as integrated or separate.

Embedded System

SmartTraf is an integrated system. Image sensor, processing unit, communication modules and additional sensors are embedded in the device.

Plug & Run

The system does not need communication and energy infrastructure. It meets the energy needs through the solar panels and batteries on it, communicates with the server via the embedded GSM module. Could be installed at a suitable point on the highway and starts to work automatically.

Video Recording

Records 24/7 video. This way, system success could be confirmed and important events and anomalies in the field of vision is recorded.


System analyzes traffic situation in real time and in detail. We call it traffic optimisation.

There are different sensors on the device such as atmospheric, air pollution etc. Cloud-based central analysis software collects data produced by all these sensors and various data from online services of locations where sensors are installed. AI algorithms analyze collected data and dynamic scenarios are produced to solve this problem when traffic density is high. The scenarios produced are presented to operator.

Cloud Based Reporting

Any authorized user can retrieve data online and view report printouts from devices installed as plug-and-run. Admin user can manage other users and create new users. Whole system is fully online. If desired, the entire system can be run on local servers on the intranet.


Central reporting and analysis software can be integrated with different type of sensors of various companies. System is developped with the vision of smart city platform, it displays and reports different types of data in the same interface. It evaluates related data in joint charts.

Easy to Manage

All active sensors can be tracked and managed via cloud based interface. When a new equipment is set up, its location is sent via GPS module to cloud then inteegrates with the system and gets activated. Health situations of equipments are constantly checked by server. Software updates are automatically sent to all field systems by server.