RSA-KİTS RSA-KITS detects vehicles that violate red light on highways. The system reads the license plates of all vehicles passing through the intersection with red light. From the moment the red light turns on, the vehicles that pass the virtual loop are recorded with the violation evidence and reported to POLNET.

The moment of breach is evidenced by 2mp video, 12mp wide angle photo and 6mp vehicle photo.


In %100 compliance with Urban Safety Management System (KGYS) Type Specification Domestic Production, TS 13789 and Ministry of Industry and Technology Type Approval Certificates


  • %98 Licence Plate Recognition
  • %99 Vehicle Capturing
  • %85 Brand, type and color determination
  • Detects violation within 10 ms

Integrated System

RSA-KITS is an integrated system that offers 12 mp evidence camera, 2 mp video camera, 6mp RSA-PTS camera, CPU, red light violation detecting unit, computer hardware and all other equipments in a single enclosure.


The system is designed to capture all vehicles passing at the same time in heavy traffic. The license plate of each passing vehicle is read and recorded. Red light violations are detected and recorded with evidence in the violation table.

The system does not need a physical loop, it uses virtual loop to detect violations.

The red light trigger can be taken in two different types. A physical trigger can be taken from the red light energy cable. An autonomous trigger can be created by analyzing the image of the camera that sees the light.

The amount of photos before and after the violation is optional. Every violation is proved beyond objection with high resolution photographs and videos.

High quality evidence photos are obtained at night conditions with powerful strobe flash and image enhancement algorithms.

Detected violations are converted into a receipt with the RSA-Börü EDS Reporting Interface and reported to POLNET.

IR Lighting

By using 850nm external IR illumination, the license plate is recorded so that the silhouette of the persons inside the vehicle and the vehicle can be seen clearly in night conditions.


System is fully integrated with POLNET and KGYS Central System.


  • Analyzes two lanes with a single camera
  • Reads foreign licence plates
  • Has internal memory
  • Reads square, rectangular, military, official, civil plates