RSA-BÖRÜ is an advanced EDS reporting interface. It is a web-based application used to view and report the results produced by EDS applications and to report detected violations to POLNET. EDS applications are in fully accordance with the KGYS type specification.

The system is fully integrated with POLNET and KGYS Central System.


RSA-BÖRÜ is a web-based software and works in closed networks on the intranet or in cloud in open systems.

Auto Masking

In existing systems, face of person in the front passenger seat is masked by the operator manually before the violation is reported to POLNET. RSA-BÖRÜ does the masking work automatically. This significantly reduces the operator's workload and saves time. The area to be masked is determined by artificial intelligence algorithms.


The system is designed to integrate with different products of different companies. No update or API usage is required on the client side for integration. All types of data produced by the client in accordance with the KGYS type specification are supported by the system. It’s sufficient to send generated data to system’s ftp address.


Data sent by clients on secure intranet is stored in the system database. Rsa-Börü database is designed to work with large amounts of data. Tests show that while the database contains over 50 million data, no slowdown was observed on the operator's side.

Systems Suitable for Integration

  • Plate Recognition System
  • Average Speed Violation Detection System
  • Red Light Violation Detection System
  • Instant Speed Violation Detection System
  • Parking Violation Detection System
  • Reverse Direction Violation Detection System
  • No Return Violation Detection System

User Log

Operators signs in to system with username and passwords. All activity operators carry out in the system are stored with activity detail, time and IP information as user logs. Different level of authorizations could be assigned to users. Admin user could create or delete other users.

System Health

Central and integrated systems’ health level are shown in interface in detail.

Detailed Search

All data sent by clients could be searched with different constraints.