RSA-PTS The RSA-PTS License Plate Recognition System enables reading and storage of all licence plates of vehicles on highways. The system makes identification through the images taken by cameras placed on the highway lanes and it is designed to capture all vehicles passing at the same time and at very high speed in heavy traffic.

This new generation plate recognition system determines brand, type and color of vehicles and detects licenseless vehicles. It can analyze two lanes with a single camera.


In %100 compliance with Urban Safety Management System (KGYS) Type Specification Domestic Production, TSE & Type Approval Certificates


  • %98 Licence Plate Recognition
  • %99 Vehicle Capturing
  • %85 Brand, type and color determination
  • Vehicle Capturing up to 200 km/s

Integrated System

RSA-PTS is an integrated system that offers camera, computer hardware and all other equipments in a single enclosure.


RSA-PTS is a new generation licence plate recognition system. It captures the licence plate and determines the brand, color and model of the vehicle. Detects licenceless vehicles and reports results to POLNET.

Wide angle images and information of detected vehicles are registered. Outputs are analyzed with web-based reporting interface.

IR Lighting

By using 850nm external IR illumination, the license plate is recorded so that the silhouette of the persons inside the vehicle and the vehicle can be seen clearly in night conditions.


System is fully integrated with POLNET and KGYS Central System.


  • Analyzes two lanes with a single camera
  • Reads foreign licence plates
  • Has internal memory
  • Reads square, rectangular, military, official, civil plates