RSA-PARK RSA-PARK Parking Violation Detection System is used to automatically detect vehicles that commit parking violations in areas where parking is prohibited or where parking is allowed for a limited time, and to convert the violation into a penalty. Wide-angle photograph of the violating vehicle, license plate photo, violation video are recorded and the violation information is reported to POLNET.

The basic requirement for this system is one PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera. Fixed camera can be used optionally for capturing violation video.


In %100 compliance with Urban Safety Management System (KGYS) Type Specification Domestic Production


  • %98 Licence Plate Recognition
  • %99 Vehicle Capturing
  • %85 Brand, type and color determination
  • Detects violation in 100 meters distance


Time period for violation detection could be arranged. Different metrics for different day times and days could be set.


The system works with a high resolution camera with Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature. With this feature, 32 different preset points can be defined. With high preset numbers, violations are detected uninterruptedly in an area of 100 meters.

IR Lighting

With distance adaptive IR LEDs, violation detections can be made successfully in night conditions, even at the furthest and closest points.


System is fully integrated with POLNET and KGYS Central System.


  • Analyzes two lanes with a single camera
  • Reads foreign licence plates
  • Has internal memory
  • Reads square, rectangular, military, official, civil plates