RSA - PAKS , is the system in which the audit trail of the individuals under probation is done electronically with the fingerprint reading system. Individuals introduce their fingerprints to the system. During the inspection dates, individuals give the inspection attendance by reading the fingerprint to the device at the police station. During the fingerprinting process, the person's photo is taken. The system is integrated (all in one). All hardware components are in a single enclosure.

Daily Tracking

The system keeps a log of each fingerprint reading and automatically reports the people (including those who checked-in late) who do not checked-in on the control day and time, according to their status.

Camera Tracking

The system records individuals by taking their photos during fingerprint reading. Thus, the relevant probation process is recorded.

Easy Tracking

The people who need to be followed in the system are first added to the interface, then their fingerprints are recorded, and the person is followed by the system after the file information of the relevant person is entered. Thus, the workload on the Police Stations is alleviated.


General Features :

  • Password protected system
  • Automated data backup
  • Keeping fingerprint reading records
  • Determining administrators and users in the system
  • Ability to set exemptions by entering permission for individuals
  • Turkish and easy-to-use web-based, mobile-friendly interface
  • Instant notification can be sent when the person comes to the control
  • Easy and fast identification with fingerprint and photo
  • Ability to follow people with more than one probation
  • Access to the interface from all computers on the police station network
  • Ability to broadcast video 24/7 (opportunity to record video with VMS software)
  • Ability to follow up audits according to different audit types (monthly, weekly, freelance)
  • Ability to make detailed reports in the desired format according to the audit date, person and file
  • Ability to give an audible warning when the person with a search and arrest decision comes to the inspection
  • Automatic report issuance and notification in case of audit violation
  • Determining the intense audit dates and arranging the audit date of the individuals

Automatic Backup

The system automatically makes backups, including daily photos. Thus, the possibility of any data loss is prevented.

All In One Architecture

The system is all in one architecture. It does not need a separate device to work.

Custom Web Interface

The system has a specially developed web interface, the interface is mobile compatible. Through the interface, operations such as contact management, fingerprint management, user management, blacklist warning for individuals, and retrospective person-based printouts can be easily performed.