RSA-KORAL is an application that analyzes traffic situation, people, vehicles and other objects on highways, follows the scenarios determined and generates statistics. The system is optimized to work on highways and tunnels.


System detects people and vehicles with over 95 % success.

Camera Independence

System can integrate with different brand/model cameras. Detected events are recorded with photos and videos. Video records start before event and ends after.

SCADA Integration

System can integrate to different SCADAs. Event data are shared with SCADA in real time.


General Features :

  • Stationary vehicle detection
  • Reverse vehicle detection
  • Human detection
  • Falling / dropped object detection
  • Extremely fast vehicle detection
  • Low speed vehicle detection
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Camera tamper detection
  • Instant traffic data
  • Average traffic density
  • Average occupation time
  • Average traffic flow rate
  • Number of vehicles passing
  • Vehicle limitation

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

System detects events by using AI based algorithms. This way it does not generate false alarms for headlight reflections, shadows, and wet floor reflections.

Integrated Architecture

System supports 60 cameras on the server.

Embedded System

The system has an embedded option. Embedded system is offered as an image processing card that supports 4 cameras.